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Peppercorn Nails

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Jan 12, 2003
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Bildeston, Ipswich
Thought I would start a new topic on Fabric, sorry :rolleyes:

I have great problems with my Boost bottle, ie. I find it so damn difficult to squeeze :evil: :!:

Now is this just a duff bottle or are they supposed to be like this? If they are they're no B****y fun :!: Please let me know if all the Boost bottles are like this or maybe I'm doing something fundementally wrong (always a possibility :D ).

The other thing is I'm having problems with my apex, that is to say it's way too far back into Zone 2/3. Any tips?

Byediboodi, Adele
The smaller bottles do require a bit more work i suppose... Ill pass your comments on...

As per the apex problem... have you tried drawing your line of boost a little further back (i.e. toward the fere edge)?

Is the fabric product available in the United States?
Or in Australia?? I wanna try... :D
As per the apex problem... have you tried drawing your line of boost a little further back (i.e. toward the fere edge)?

Hi Geek, no I must admit I haven't. I thought you had to do a line down the centre, ie. from zone 3-1. The other thing is that when I brush the activator on, does that not flatten it too?

Peppercorn Nails said:
when I brush the activator on, does that not flatten it too?

Can do o corn of pepper. But only if you are applying a bunch o pressure.
Generally, you draw a line from just about the cuticle line to jsut about the free edge line...
Then you brush each side of the line in a sweeping squiggly motion from the cuticle to free edge lineto taper the sides down. This leaves you with your vertical apex that you can gently smooth over to acivate.

I know Im not apinting a pretty picture here... Why not just bob down to the demo booth at Olypia and well show you :)

As to the Q's about availibility... Its currently only availible in the UK but there has been discussion of it branching into Europe and the states... as of yet I am am unaware of plans for Oz... sorry :(

Master Geek you are fab, but..............I think trying to visualise what on earth you are talking about is just about as impossible as your spelling :shock: :silly: :rofl:

I think Im'a gonna hound you guyz at Olympia :goal:

See you there, Adele :trashed:
I was at Olympia yesterday (Sunday) and it was way too busy for me - lots of bucks for you guys (DN) I bet though. I tried to watch the Fabric demo but I could hardly see or hear anything so I thought I would buy a kit anyway and just wing it. Here is my first attempt on my thumb nail.



I also saw, Samantha, you sent someone some rebalance tips on Fabric. I would appreciate that too. I have only ever done "Wraps" as a natural nail repair.

Is there a strength difference between Fibreglass and Silk or is it only the weave that is different. I appeciate some of you guys are busy at the show so if I dont get a reply to this until later in the week, I dont mind.

It was great to meet you both on Sunday and Doug Schoons talk was awesome - it should be compulsory for all nail techs.
Well I can't see any fabre, so that is great!!!

I'd like to see the tip butted up closer to the free edge of the natural nail so that there is no 'clear patch' showing.

From the side view, you could add just a little more Boost to complete the curve perfectly.

BUT a very good first attempt. Didn't you find it quick??

To answer your question, with 'fabric#' there is no difference in the strength between Fibreglass and silk. A slight difference in the 'Look'. Silk tends to give a softer look than Fibreglass.

Personally, I like to use 2 sometimes even 3 coats of Boost so that after it is finished off I gett all the perfect curves.

Sorry you couldn't see the demo - but I'm glad the booth was so busy!! Monday is always a better day for viewing demos as there are fewer people. We had a grreat show. Look at the 'olympia' thread.
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