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Dec 27, 2006
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I have just been reading the When do you start feeling Christmassy? thread. (Great Thread BTW)

...and then I received this e-mail in work...

ALSO! Get involved in the Support Our Soldiers Christmas appeal! Ex-student and ex-member of staff Luke ????? is now a serving marine in Afghanistan. He is appealing for people to donate shoeboxes containing useful supplies for serving solders in Afghanistan this Christmas. If the boxes weigh less than 2 kilos Royal Mail will deliver them for free.

Luke's dad said: “There's a list of items people can send, ranging from shampoo, toothpaste and talcum powder, to oatcakes, nuts, chocolate and cereal bars. At the moment they really want ear plugs because they are under constant rocket and mortar attacks. My son called me recently and said the lads' faces light up when they see and open the parcels. They have no TV or anything like that so if people can send magazines and games they do really appreciate it.” For more info or ideas on what the soliders would like you to include (and what cannot be included) please log on to Middleton Guardian or

It sort of put everything in perspective for I have spoken to the shoe seller on my local market and got some empty boxes and I've rang a friend in construction and requested surplus earplugs etc etc.

Would any other Geek be interested in helping out? I know it is very soon on the heels of Children in Need and that this time of year is demanding on the pocket. Old magazines hanging around the house cost nothing and could bring a smile to someone's face.


Jane :hug:
oh i would love to do this hun , got the link so will put a parcel together x
Thanks Dee....people have been so generous...I think I will need more shoe boxes.:hug:
My son is in the US army and leaving for his second tour to Iraq on Dec 2

I will be doing all .....and anything I can to support our troops .....

I will also be praying this whole thing comes to an end soon !!

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