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Sep 29, 2003
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suffolk bury st edmunds
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can anyone please tell when and where i could find out about trade shows?

i visited olympia in london with my college last year and wondered if it was time again for another show. i enjoyed it last year and would like to revisit but just dont know how to go about finding out. any information would be a great help as new to the industry.
thanks dawn

....well, this is how it generally works!!
London - Olympia - 3 day show in March (Sun, Mon Tues)
London - ExCeL - 2 day show in September (Sun, Mon) you have missed this!!
Scotland - Glasgow - 2 day show in September (Sun, Mon) you have missed this
Ireland - Dublin - 2 day show in September (Sun, Mon) you have only just missed this
Manchester - GMEX - 2 day show in October (Sun, Mon) NEXT WEEKEND!!!

You will have to wait until Olympia 2004 if you miss GMEX although apparently Donnington / Coventry is moving to the NEC in Birmingham which will probably be in February...just an FYI but CND will NOT be exhibiting at this show!

Wow and you wonder why September coupled with London Fashion Week has completely killed me :shock: :shock:
Hope this helps :thumbsup:
All professionals should subscribe to at least one professional nail magazine. They will tell you about all the shows - where and when - and your supplier should be informing you as well!!! Also there is this message board.

You have to get connected and become a part of this industry if you want to be in the know. Don't Stay out on a limb. Become a true professional.
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