any of you live near bury st edmunds and BIG bb fans?


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Oct 11, 2006
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bury st edmunds
Hi, not been on here for a while...sorry just wondered of you as i said live near bury and bb fans?
Do you mean bb as in BIG BROTHER?
Just thought I had better check just incase it was some nail enhancement special product I had not heard of:)
If you do mean big brother then I am a real fan!!!!! have not missed 1 single episode this year. However I live in wiltshire.

Have you checked out the official big brother thread on this forum somewhere?

Sorry i didnt say musch but didnt want to look silly.....

Im a big fan too and watched them all . Im a member of the place where you get the tickets and was offered 2 tickets to the final friday. I have been b4 twice but this year they only gave out the tickets tuesday and as you can quess noone can get time of work and find sitters for children so it looks like i cant go :cry::cry::cry::cry:

I was looking to see if anyone from where i live wanted to go as i dont want to drive or go on my own.

Hi ya

I used to live in Thetford, not much help to you today though! Just thought i would say hee hee. I am totally addicted to Big Brother, i keep trying to talk about it at work but nobody else watches it, sob sob.

Anyway hope you get to the final nite, that will be fab!:green:

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