Any regrets to piercings or Tattoos


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Jun 11, 2007
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Hi Guys

Just wondering who has regrets on any body piercings ot Tats

I had above my top lip piereced when I was about 22 I took it out after I had my son at 25.

Im now 30 I still have a hole above my Top Lip and it is also slightly slanted

Wish I hadnt of had it done:mad:
i have no regrets about my tats hun...and i have no piercings so no regrets there!!!! people who have had lips ,eyebrows pieced have said there is always a hole there....
I have my nose and bottom lip pierced oh and my nipple!! No regrets at all there I have 9 tattoos none of which I regret either as a matter of fact I have the words "No Regrets" tattooes on my upper arm!!!
I have a few piercings,
the only one i have taken out is my tongue piercing as it took all the enamel off the back of my teeth and caused gum infections
i don't regret the piercing but i do regret the problems it caused for me
I had a problem with my lip piercing.

When I had it down it bled like crazy and absolulty killed me and I am generally good with pain.

The lady that did it made me stay in the shop for an hour and wanted me to take it out but I said no way after the pain I went through to get it done.

Any way my lip so was so badly broozed inside, really swollen and black.

I had to keep going to the shop on a daily basis to get it checked.

I actually think she was quiet worried about it, as the lady that pierced me whent running down stairs and fetched another lady up who said take it out I was hung over the sink with blood coming out.

I kept it in and tried my best to look after it but had a few problems.
i will correct myself....i did have my tongue pieced....that hurt....took it out 5 years ago and i could still stick a piercing through it now......they reckon that if you hurt your tougue,teeth , gums it heals quick...well mine has still not healed and Had that pieced 7 years ago.
I used to have my nose pierced, my only regret is its gone and I'm too old (in my eyes) to have it done again :lol:

I have 3 tatts and have often cursed the one on the back of my shoulder. It started off as a Pegasus except they made a terrible job of him so he looked like a 'My little pony' so it was covered up with a lovely celtic shield but it is big and it means that for office doo's for Stuarts work I can have a hard time in finding tops during the Summer that dont leave it showing. I find UK companies are much more uptight about that than the companies he worked for in Norway where they caused great interest on the whole :lol:
i had my tongue/ eyebrow and nose pierced but now only have the nose stud still in, dont regret any of them.
as for tattoos i have a orchid on my chest that is ok, my kids name on my sholder that i love, a rose on my wrist covering ex-husbands name, my now hubbys name on my anckle that i love, BUT i have my ex-bosses name on my butt:irked:, i got very drunk at my leaving doo and didnt even know id hade it done till the next day, aparently i had said he was on my a** the whole time i worked there so he was now on my a** permanently, im so glad it is easy to keep hidden, i hate it,
i also have a very large phoenix riseing from the flames on my back that i had done 5 months ago, it took 5 1/2 hours to do and symbolises my son finaly growing and riseing from his dark times, i think its my favourite
I have quite a few tats - 11 to be exact and I don't regret any of them in fact I still have plans for some more work. Belly pierced and ears. Would have loved eyebrow but places I have worked would not allow it so hay ho have to make do with what I have got. lol.
I have a fair few Tattoos, and the only one I regret is the one on my upper arm, I had it when I was 14 ish, its pointless. Its only a small tribal flower thing but I hate it!
Maybe I might regret some of them when I grow up - hehehe. At this point I have 10 tattoos and usually have 5 piercings (not including ears) but had to take 3 out recently during a hospital stay and have to get them redone. I did have another 2 on top of that - eyebrow and wrist but took them out. Wrist kept getting caught on things at work and eyebrow got infected. But I am looking at more piercings down the track.
I have holes or scars left from my Labret, Nose, Navel and Monroe piercings in my face and stomach. They're sort of a bother sometimes, but I dont think I regret them. I dont think my tongue will leave a scar which is good, but I still have my nipples done and dont know if i will be able to breast feed? hmm.
I have one tattoo as well but is near my crotch so I dont really notice it much, but definitly don't regret it. I don't regret many things I've done in my life, I think everything, especially the bad things, teach you valuable lessons.

I've got a red heart with an arrow through it and a drop of blood underneath on my right shoulder which I got done when I was 18.

I still like it, but wish I had it done somewhere else, as I don't show it off, so find it difficult in the summer to find tops that cover it, plus a lot of pretty tops that I would like to wear have see through arms.

Now I got it done for ME. And its not for public display unless I want it to. So, when I go swimming and sunbathing and changing in a public place, its out of my hands, and I don't like that.

I have enquired about getting it removed but didn't like the dr who was going to do it.

If I did get it removed, I would probably get another one but probably have it on my thigh or near my crotch.

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