Any web sites for black beauty tunics please?


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May 12, 2006
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Hi i need about 4 black tunics for me n my daughter but with it being near xmas i dont want to spend alot on them,does anyone know some good offers on anywhere please?
Links would be good thanks for reading xx
try on ebay, lots of black uniforms, at low prices. All brand new and from proper companies.
Thanks for the link and ebay info.There use to be one on the salon geek homepage for about 10 pound but i cant remember the name x
My friend and I have just bought tunics from health and beauty wear (from there bargain basement section) for £5.00 each and they look fab! Salon Wear Beauty Uniforms they've got red,white and black. I love a bargain x.
Try they have beauty tunics at very good prices
Thanks iv just been on the salon wear beauty uniforms but they have sold out in my sizes,do they get them back in stock is it a matter of keep trying?
Talking about uniforms, does anyone know where I can purchase a Aubergine uniform?

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