Anyone completed an accredited course in massage?


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Jan 27, 2016
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As the posts says, anyone completed an accredited course in massage rather than complete a level 3 qualification?

I really want to do swedish massage but they have no nvq/vtct qualifications that are evening based near me. However I have come across an accredited course in my town that offer short, intensive courses, they are accredited by ABT so I know I can get insurance through them but just wanted people's experiences of these types of training courses?

Thanks in advance

Lisa xx
Hi - if you're near the Sylvia Hodge academy in Warrington is great. They do Vctc diploma - I did L3 Swedish Massage there x
Definitely look around for the vtct course. It is recognised to the extent that your level of qualification can't be debated and you'll be trained to a set of standards. Google for courses in your area.
Thanks all, I'm sticking with the vtct course, either the Swedish massage or possibly the beauty therapy level 3 as I may have found a venue that offer this as an evening course :)

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