Anyone drive/learn in an automatic?


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Dec 30, 2011
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so I've discovered I'm not quite the sharpest tool in the box lol! I can't get my head around gears while doing my driving lessons.

I'm having real difficulty with it & I get really panicky before a lesson & you should see me whilst in the car when it's time to change :eek: It's either try auto or give up completely!

I've just booked in with another instructor to have a go at automatic, just wanted to hear from fellow geeks if you learnt auto / drive auto now & anything else I need to know about it, thanks! :) xx
My old car was a Mercedes which was automatic :) absolutely loved it.. Was weird to start with but you soon learn that you don't need your left leg! I kept wanting to put the clutch in with my left foot but after about a day I had adapted and loved every min of it. Automatic cars are more expensive to buy Though which is my reason for not having one now :( I upgraded my car but to update my car and have automatic again would have been too much for me to pay out :(

Just a word of advice though, if you do take your test in an automatic, you will only be able to drive automatic cars, you would have to do another test of you ever got a manual car.

I say don't give up with the driving, it is difficult to grasp initially, but give it time and it'll be second nature to you. You'll be changing gear without even thinking about it!!

I didn't learn in an automatic but I've driven many different cars over the years and I find it a really strange driving experience - I'm not in full control and I don't like that :o It's dead easy though! And it makes hill starts a breeze ;)

My cousin had been taking lessons, on and off, for YEARS and just couldn't get it. So she bought herself an automatic smart car and passed her driving test first time!

It's all about finding what works for you - good luck! :D

p.s. the first time I EVER drove an automatic, I tried to use the clutch... which of course doesn't exist in an automatic. Cue an emergency stop...... :o :p
Oh you sound like me a year ago! I couldn't get to grip with the gears at all and I literally was hysterical before driving lessons, had full blown anxiety attacks it was awful.
I had about 80 lessons (yes really lol) and thought right I'm going to learn in an automatic.
Then I changed instructor and oh my word, I still got panicky before lessons but I just started to get it.
Fast forward a couple of months and I passed my test(3rd time )and I'm now driving everywhere!
Honestly give it another go, even change instructors and take a few drops of rescue remedy before you go on a lesson. Don't give up just yet, if I can do it... lol xx
I didn't learn in an automatic but I've driven many different cars over the years and I find it a really strange driving experience - I'm not in full control and I don't like that :o

That is exactly how I feel. Thought I was the only one! Everyone says how easy it is but I just feel like I'm driving a go-kart round a track and believe me, I was always bad at that.

Having said that, I'm looking at buying an auto because I'm just too lazy to change gears hahaha. Makes sitting in traffic so much easier too :) x
Driving an automatic is MUCH easier but I love to shift. :D
I drive an automatic (in the steering column) as most of the cars in the States are automatic.

I drove with gears back home. It is a bit hard to master but once you overcome your fear and pass your test and start driving it is easy and it becomes second nature. I used to hate changing gears and then before long I was whizzing all over the place in and out of 5th which was what I didn't like doing as the car I learnt to drive in years ago only had 4.

Passing with an automatic means you can't drive with gears in the future.

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