Anyone else having problems with Trendy Nail Wraps?


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Jan 8, 2007
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Newcastle Upon Tyne
Just as the title says , i first bought these in and have found they only last on toes , iv tryed putting acrylic over the top of the hands and they just dont seem to last very well at all , i know people rave about minx nails but are they really worth getting in , do u still have a big clientelle for them? ....
I can't tolerate trendy wrap, they are thick and bulky.

Minx are a bit more but I get more sets out of a sheet and it looks a hundred times better and lasts so much longer! I do quite a bit of minx, am expecting more as its coming up to summer now.

I think it's worthwhile investing in minx certainly


What I hate most is when people advertise minx and then shove on a trendy wrap! So annoying!
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i tried trendy wraps a couple of weeks ago, put them on my toes, they lasted about a week before they started to come off, didn't like them at all, minx r a hundred times better! x
Definitely prefer Minx, lots thinner, much easier to use. Also love Kooky wraps.
You will be having a problem with fingers as they get a lot more use that toes and wraps never last as long on fingers as they do on toes.

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