Anyone else received this text?


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Jun 1, 2003
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Dublin, Ireland.
I've just found out that Carole (Lindsay) received the same text messages as myself on Monday night and Tuesday morning.

Mine went something like this......

"Hello Fiona (he got my name wrong but got Carole's right) - just to say I had a great evening. Loved sucking your beautifully painted and manicure toes - can we meet for dinner again soon? Love Paul"

Or words to that effect. Next morning I got

"Hi hun, how are you're beautiful toes this morning?"

It was an Irish mobile so I put it down to someone sending the text to the wrong number - but Carole just emailed me and it seems she got near enough the same messages! And I thought I was special....... :cry:

Anyone else had them? You can tell it's an Irish number because it will start with 00353........ lets compare notes! :D
I'm just so flattered that he did his research and got my name right :D . There's nothing worse than getting dirty text messages from someone and they get your name wrong, eh Jackie??? ;)
i got one saying "Im watching you" bloodly freak who ever it was had the cheek to show the mobile number too, probley hoping id reply! fat chance!!!
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