Anyone used fabric more than white under gel / Acrylic?


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Aug 2, 2005
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The title says it all really has anyone tried useing the fabric paint on white to do a french then put gel or acylic over the top.
If so did it work or was there any problems .
Thanks in advance.
I'm always available if you feel like experimenting :wink2:

Sorry,not familiar with Pow so i can't offer any sensible technical advise :smack:
Thanks becki you will wished you havnt offered now ill be pming you all the time.
I remember reading that Geeg sometimes did her nails like that. A custom blend, with Fabric white, and Brisa Finishing gloss, I think.
Thanks for that i will have a look to see if i can find a thread or something.
Fabric# More Than White

Hi in case you haven't found it, this was the thread - i had the same question. It's under tutorials. x:)
Official Guidelines for MTW Liquid Acrylic for all 3 systems

Sorry hun - one glass of red to many! This is the one i meant to send XX:rolleyes:
link doesnt work hun xx

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