Anyone using Yon Ka skin care


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Apr 8, 2014
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Would like to invest in an other skin care products and am thinking of using Yon Ka .Any comments appreciated!
Hi, I have been using Yon Ka for the past four years, I'm happy if help if you have any questions.
Hi, I also use YonKa. I used it for 6 years at a salon I worked in then when I started my own business last year that's what I went with! I love it! Anything in particular your looking for advice on? What are you looking for in your skincare?
Hi thank you for your nothing in particular just I have used the product before and was just trying to see if others thought like I do ! I really like it and really love its aromatherapy properties ect ....
I think I will go for it as an other product to use
Thanking ....
That's great!! Elaine is lovely to deal with, always happy to help if I ever have any questions regarding the products or I need to discuss a client. I have had some great results with client's skin after facials and using the products at home.

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