Anyone want to help at a party in Leeds, tomorrow?


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Feb 22, 2011
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Hi guys,

I've got a pamper party booked tomorrow eve in leeds and my girl has just told me she can't make it. The party starts at 5.30pm and i'm doing the following:

acrylics x 2
mini manis x 3
mini pedis x 2
lash tint x
party lashes x 1
underarm wax x 1
eyebrow wax x 1

if your interested can you please private message me

thanks x
Would have loved to but already out tomoz night sorry hun x
Ooh, I'm sorry I'm in Scotland or I'd have helped. I hope you get someone. If not take your jammies and make it a slumber party, lol xx. Good luck in getting someone x
Thanx guys,

It's awful when you get let down at the last minute. I'm still looking for someone to help me out and its a bridal party. I might even end up having to cancel some of the treatments. What a pain!
You should try calling a local salon to you and ask if they have someone they could send along. Obviously they'd be taking full money for the services they did but at least you wouldn't be letting the client down. Xx
Hope you find someone, i would have but in Australia at the moment !
The party was last night and I ended up doing it on my own. My client was happy and although I was there till very late I did get through most of the treatments and my ladies gave me a nice tip for all my hard work.

All in all I think everyone was happy.

I've decided to put my sister through a mani / pedi course to help out as I know she'll never let me down and will always go a fab job.

Cheers guys x
Iv only just seen this thread! I could have helped you out. I'm only at Sheffield xx