Applying nail tips on a current set of sculpted nails


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Oct 24, 2011
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Hi ladies!

I put on a new full set on a client last week and it looks like the client wants to come back to have them removed and put on a new set ol with glued on tips instead. She loves her nails however, one nail cracked down the middle (she uses her hands alot) and her cousin who has tips recommended her to switch to tips instead. She has very short nails and currently no natural nail support underneath her enhancements right now.

So my question.... Should I remove her current new set (done a week ago) and file it down as much as u can... Shorten the enhancements then put tips on it? Is that even possible?

Im not sure how to handle this situation... As im still new. Thanks ladies any help and advice is appreciated!
Can you not just repair the cracked one? X
Did you sculpt them ? or was it an overlay ?
is her cousian a nail tech ?
an object is only as strong as its weakest point ,

for this reason sculpting with a good struture will be stronger than tips! as your enhancement product will be stronger than your adhesive or your abs tip!

so I personaly would file down all of the cracked product and re sculpt it . this may mean removing that enhancement ,it is hard to say with out seeing :)
I could just repair the cracked nail... But in this case, the client is specifically requesting to switch to a tip I'm not sure why. Her cousin who recommended it is not a nail tech but I think my client also likes the look of tips.

So since she is requesting to remove the current set of nails and replace with tips... Is that possible? And how would I do it if it is? Thanks ladies
Are they Gel or l&P ? Remove them all then if that is what she wants but make her aware of the cost and the pros and cons of tips v sculpts, charge her accordingly if she chooses to go ahead, I have a feeling that she is after a freebie as her lovely natural looking nails dont look the same as her friends who has tips (maybe done badly?)Don't do them for free!!! \knock the 50 cents or whatever off for the repair cost if you have to but you have done a good job, one repair needed ( cost factored in) and the client is requesting a whole new treatment so a whole new price !!!!! Full price my lovely excluding the 50 cents for the broken nail (if you feel you want to) If she ont do it then honestly you dont need clients like that, whose family members dictate the treatments required,

If she goes for it, tips and quick in and out treatment then as that is what they seem to like

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