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Apr 28, 2003
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I have a question arisen whilst doing as nail art course that I need some help with (well I have loads but I won`t ask them all)
How would you apply rhinestones without destroying the shine?
In the Nail Artistry book it says sometimes a topcoat can take the shine away.
I have always applied a topcoat and never lost the shine, in fact, I have always retained the shine whatever way I have applied them, so I need some input on this if anyone can help.
Has anyone experienced losing the shine and what did you do to experience that?
Hiya Deb,
I have to admit that i have had rhinestones going dull when using certain top coats :confused:
I find that nail art sealers can be ok, But topcoats seem to dampen down the bling effect :)
Thanks for that Lesley, I always use a nail art sealer, that`ll be why I don`t lose the shine then won`t it?
Debs said:
Thanks for that Lesley, I always use a nail art sealer, that`ll be why I don`t lose the shine then won`t it?
It is also important to chose a good quality stone, a glass one not a plastic one..
Plastic dulls ones you apply top coat or sealer........... It covers the facets and that takes away the bling effect.......

Schwarowski are the best stones to use, as they are real crystal stones and never loose their shine,even under L&P as they have real facets cut in them, unlike plastic ones, theirs are molded and are not as sharp, use a good art sealer and bingo. bling bling bling !!!!

Happy Easter
i use adhesive thats got a brush in it, and put the tiniest bit on the finished nail pop the swarovski stone in and its done, they stay on for yonks too.
I have some rhinestones I got in Sallys - Spangles ones I think.

I had one on my ring finger the other day (held in place with Seche Vite Quick dry top coat and applied as advised by Melle Stripp - stayed on for days - cheers Melle:) )

Someone asked how I got the jewel in my nail and was it real!! So I guess that it didn't lose it's shine - cheap rhinestone mistaken for real sapphire! LOL

I've always applied my rhinestones with a teeny-tiny drop of nail glue ...... they last for absolutely ages then
Thanks guys, but apart from using some topcoats what else can take the shine away?
Like I said, I`ve never come across this. I do always use Shwarowski crystals but I have tried various topcoats or embedding them in gel or L&P and nothing I have ever done has dulled the shine.
Someone out there must have had a problem or two where the shine has gone......
the only other thing i can think of that would take the shine away is filing em too much if you have embedded them.
if you find out debs tell us please lol
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