Are soak off gels redundant now??


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Apr 19, 2010
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Hi everyone

I've recently been thinking about offering soak off gel but with shellac/gelish/gelation on the market, are there any real benefits to offering this service anymore??

I have searched for my answer and from what i can gather these products do give the strenth of soak off gels but cant find a definite answer to my question... any help and advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance
I will be continuing to offer OPI Axxium Soak Off Gels for their color and added strength to those that want a little more length to their nails. The new "gel polishes" really don't add a lot of strength, so if their nails are somewhat weak--it is not really going to help that issue. Plus, I have some people that are just really in love with the polish colors from OPI.
A soak off (or buff off) gel is a different service from the new generation of colours, i.e. Shellac, Gelish etc.

A UV gel is for artificial nails or added strength for natural nails. Shellac and Gelish are aimed at natural nail clients who want a longer lasting polish. They can be used on any nails but the soak off element of them make them impractical for anything other than a buff off sculpted gel.

2 different things, very different services
First, you shouldn't confuse Shellac/Gelish with soak-off or buff-off gels.
(I don't know the 3rd one you mentioned..)

Soak-off/Buff-off Gels are ENHANCEMENTS and add strength.

Shellac/Gellish are to be used to REPLACE nail polish, for longer lasting colour and shine.

A distinct difference.

The more services you offer, the more clients will walk in your door.

I use sculpting gel for enhancements and i always thought that soak off gel isnt strong enough for enhancements but more for people who want added strength for longer natural nails.

After reading posts on here i am well aware that soak offs and gel hybrids are different products but I read on a post by Gigi that since ditching her enhancements and using shellac her nails have grown longer and stronger, which has lead me to ponder - is a soak off really nessecary if shellac can give that extra strength?
Shellac does afford protection and a bit of extra strength BUT not equivalent to a soak-off/buff-off gel.

Some people (read that as "SOME", not all) can achieve their goal length with just that tiniest bit of protection.
Just as I have some clients that get along perfectly well with tip&dip which is not nearly the strength of uv gel or L&P.
Most can't.

Trial and error, and case by case basis.

But no, I definately would not say that any enhancement system is redundant.
Just thought I'd add that Gelish also has a Structure gel that can be used where a little more added strength is required, it is added as an extra layer during application. Not saying it will give the strength of enhancement system but it is a nice bonus product available for those wanting the new hybrid service & need a little extra strength .
Thank you all for your replies, i think i will definately still invest in a soak off gel.

Thanks LC

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