Area Christmas parties, chance to meet new people!


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Sep 16, 2013
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Newmarket, Suffolk
If your interested I think maybe we should write below where your based and join up into a SG christmas party!

As some people work alone and some people don't do anything with there work colleagues! Message the people below from your area if your interested. Christmas is full of good spirit and a great time to get out there and meet new people!

I'm from Newmarket,Suffolk if anybody is interested in partying with me! :D
Us Kent geeks already have an xmas party arranged :) (well no final plans yet, but the planning started a few weeks ago) ;) xx

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Is there a Devon Geeks group?
I'm in London and there don't seem to be many geeks local oh well maybe we could have an online Xmas party lol!
I'm in reading, berks :)
I'm in Wiltshire, literally on the borders of Gloucestershire & Berkshire.

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Northampton geeky :p

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I'm Brizzle, but have car and will travel :) xx

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Barnsley ! X

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I'm kinda halfway between Derby and Nottingham :biggrin:
Edinburgh!! So won't be coming to any of you lovely girls parties :( lol!

Sarah xx
I'm in Lancashire!!! :)

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