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May 6, 2004
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Just as I thought things were on the up all my clients this week have cancelled!

One has complained about the quality of the previouis work done (not by me I hasten to add) and the other double booking have cancelled due to a family problem....

I really could cry, I feel that due to unhappy customers I am suffering, I have offered free treatments in the past but how much do I always have to give away for nothign due to poor work!

Anyway felt the need for a rant

Does anyone else suffer with this ona regular basis. I am now going to start taking booking fees or at least credit card details as I am fed up with this.
Hi Bodacious! So sorry to hear about this,i do hope it picks up very soon for you.i'm still waiting for clients! :sad: do you now if i should be doing anything,i've got business cards done and taken them round to places,and so fare only had one phone call.CAN ANYONE HELP US ! ! !
Macey ratbags had some really good ideas omna thread yesterday.

One thing I am thinking of doing is sending a note round to all the busniess in town and offer amale amnivure or extensions for the ladies at a dscount. Sort of a local trader discount. target the hairdressers who dont do nail extensions and the clothes shops to see if this can attract some new business, people who have their hands on show.

Also I think I will go through the client cards and send a voucher to all of them to see if I can attract previous customers back in.

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