Art Deco samples! Awesome!


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Nov 23, 2011
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Another planet.
Ive been umming and arghing about which make up brand to go with for some time.

I was trn between a few, Art Deco, Jane Irdale, Young Blood Lily Lolo and bare minerals being a few.

I narrowed it down after deciding Lily Lolo didnt make much sense business wise, mark up etc. Bare minerals expensive to start up as is Youngblood (although fab samples)with and Jane irdale never got back to me soo I waited with baited breath for my A:green:rt Deco samples as I am out of their catchment area for an artist to be sent to me and I must say they are brilliant. They sent me a tonne of different foundations and I paid for a mascara and blusher and I am loving them!

Just thought Id share my thoughts for anyone in a similar position, they really are brilliant :) Will definitely be placing an order :)
I use the artdeco makeup both mineral and cream foundation and I really like there products x

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