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Jan 29, 2012
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A bit long winded but here goes.....
After being let down by Art Deco I looked into other make up ranges and took Jane Iredale on a few months back. I was assigned an account manager got on really well with her I have to say, anyway the first mishap was they lost my opening order and the account manager made a lot of promises that they would give me this and that to compensate me, they never did. I did eventually get my order and I was happy with the products so I let the mishap go. Had a couple of meetings with the account manager to inform me of new products etc and the last meeting was arranged in July, she didnt show up. I rang and text and got no reply, I then emailed and got no reply the I rang head office and was told someone would ring me back. A few days later I got a phonecall from one of the make up artists that I had never spoke to before asking could she cancel the make up event that was booked in. I didnt have a make up event booked. I explained my story and she said she would speak to head office and get them to contact me. Nobody did. Mishap number 2. I placed orders in August and September and whilst on the phone I explain again whats happened and im again told someone will phone. That was about 6 weeks ago. As most salon owners will know we get busy things take over we forget to chase things up so I admit I havent exactly hounded them lately for a reply.
Then this week low and behold one of the make up artists I have done event days with rings me and says shes taken over as regional account manager can she book a meeting with me. So, ive arranged the meeting for a couple of weeks as that was the only time we were both free. My question is fellow geeks, how do I handle it when she comes in? Blow my top? I feel like it believe me. Ive spent thousands on the opening order plus all my monthly orders. I feel let down, the whole purpose of leaving art deco was to avoid poor service. Im no better off. Also while im here, how the hell do you use the liquid minerals foundation I seriously cannot get to grips with it, Ive practiced and practiced and I cant get away with it! Other than this I do love the products!
I've had Jane Iredale for about 10 years now and can count the amount of times I've seen a rep on one hand. And I'm not exaggerating. However I don't need to see a rep. I get info about the products through the magazine, I see the special offers and once in a blue moon I have a make up event. Whereabouts in the country are you? I know there have been many changes. It's definitely not a good start for you but I've done pretty well without one. The products are fantastic and I've never regretted my decision.

Liquid minerals. I'll be honest. I hated them. I couldn't get them to 'work'. My mum used to wear it and her skin looked amazing so I'd try again and still couldn't do it. I've now got the answer. I use the Jane Iredale foundation brush - the round cream and brown one. I squirt about 2 pumps onto my hand and swirl the brush in it and swirl it onto the face. It looks amazing but don't over work it. You can put more over the top but I don't think it likes to be faffed with. I now wear it regularly and sell a lot.

I had a new client in the other day who bought one from her previous therapist. She said that she didn't get on with it. I told her it's because she's not using it properly. Come in and we'll show you how to get the best out of it. She came in a few days later and I was with a client. My daughter (also my employee) started to show her how to put it on. I had to stop myself from interfering and sure enough Liv got out the magic brush and popped it on the client. She then suggested the client do the other side. The client did. It went on like a dream and we sold a brush :).

Don't let the lack of a rep get to you. You don't need them. They take up a lot of your day and can definitely be surplus to requirements. Just sell make up.

Anything else, please feel free to message me.

Vic x
Or thanks Vic it means a lot you saying that. I just feel let down by them and a bit stupid for being taken in by the original rep visit, they just seemed to promise so much and havent delivered.
I have tried the liquid minerals with the foundation brush and still cant get to grips with it, I think its just one of them il never get on with.
Im in County Durham by the way :)
Did you use the flat foundation brush or the round one x
Just the flat one thats what I was shown to use with liquid minerals. Do you mean the blending brush with the bright white ends? I might try that tomorrow!
Just the flat one thats what I was shown to use with liquid minerals. Do you mean the blending brush with the bright white ends? I might try that tomorrow!
That's the one. Changed everything. Good luck. Let me know how you get on. And remember not to faff it too much. Keep working it then leave it alone x
My rep has been rubbish too, I've seen her once, since then she's cancelled twice. However I do love the makeup and I'm surprised you're having trouble with the liquid minerals. This is what I've always done - I pump it onto the back of my hand and mix it like you would paint on a paint pallet, then I put some on forehead, cheeks, chin and sort of buff in with quick stroke movements. I've not been taught to do it that way, so probably doing it completely wrong but it works. I'm going on the course at the beginning of November so will find out.
I'm going on the course at the beginning of November
Ooh, where are you doing it? I'm going to the one in Weston Super Mare in November. :)
Ive tried it today with the round brush and got on much better with it, will keep practising with it to get my confidence up. :D

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