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Aug 17, 2007
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Hi when I do my assessment on facials am i allowed to leave my client or will i be failed for that? because when I first do the superficial cleanse and skin anaylsis i won't know what her skin type is for the deep cleanse so i will have to leave her to get the right products - but someone told me you shouldn't leave a client?? im confused
Check with your tutors - when I was at college we werent failed for leaving the client as there were time swhen we needed to like you say for products etc, but each college may be different.
thank you really appreciate your advice
Yeah check but we were allowed to leave the client to wash our hands and get product after writing on their consultation form. We were just told to tell the client that we were going to do that rather than just leaving them. :hug:
when i did my faciel at college i have everything for all skin types set up on my trolley so that you can continue with a flowing faciel, not sure if you can do this but would be nicer for your client and be a more flowing routine. hope that is of help.:hug:
Hi guys

We were allowed to leave the client to mix up any specialist masks (i.e. calomine, flowers of sulphur etc) and when the mask was on to wash out our bowls etc but not apart from that we just made sure that we had every product on our trolley so that we used whichever was most suitable! :lol:

K xxxxx

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