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Jan 10, 2010
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I have come to a crossroads and don't know what to do. I've been wanting to start up my beauty business for some time and now I've finally got all my kit/business cards/price lists/website on it's way etc I decided to hand my notice in this week and start looking for something part time to fit around the beauty.

But they've given me my resignation letter back and asked me to reconsider because I've worked there so long they want to try and work things out, and now it's thrown me off and I've sort of lost my way a bit. I could do with staying there a bit longer to save more money, but I kind of think we have to do things when we've got the drive and determination if that makes sense? And at the moment I'm really excited and determined to make a go of it.

Also things are now working out with my boyfriend and I don't think we'd survive any more of my constant overseas work trips as it's a bone of contention between us. I sort of wanted a new start, new year etc.

It's not a bad situation to be in of course, but I'm struggling to work out what to do and I'm going round in circles!! Part-time work there isn't an option by the way.

Laura x
why dont you stay part time at your job??

i dont know somerset but i live in a small town, the recession has hit the area very bad, i rent a room at a hairdressers and to be honest, im not earning much as ppl are afraid to spend money...

Ive looked for a part time job and theres nothing out there...
so dont jump into the fire out of the frying pan!! lol!!

I do hope things work out for you
hi i used to live and work in somerset so i know it is rural and can be difficult to get a good client base!
id recommend staying in your current job part time and maybe start to do a small amount of mobile work.
Or have your work offered you an incentive to stay? either more money or responsibility?
Speak to your boyfriend and talk about finances as it is very difficult to start your oxn business, i started mine in may and my husband still pays all the household bills!
But having your own business is amazing and id definatly recommend it but do make sure you both are aware how much it will cost you both financially!
Hope this helps

Kate Bunnell
Thankyou very much for your comments. I don't think part-time work would be an option at my employers - I do alot of overseas travelling and that just wouldn't work part-time. But it's a good idea and I would do if I could! No they haven't offered me any more money, but then it's more about wanting to start my business as opposed to problems there if that makes sense? If I just had a normal 9-5 I would build this up alongside work, but it just doesn't work with the travelling and unpredictable weekend working.
Boyfriend is very supportive and is keen for me to pursue this as the travelling has caused major problems.

I do understand what you mean about how difficult things are at the moment and I'm thinking long and hard about everything. Last thing I want to go is make the wrong decision. Can I ask you both how long it took you to meet clients?

L x
well took me three years, and im still building up, the salon i was employed in closed down October last year,, i stayed in contact with my clietelle untill i could get somewhere else...

I couldnt get an employed position for love or money so decided to rent a room in a hairdressers! ive been self employed for almost 10 months now..
some clients from the old salon kept with me and some didnt... but gained a few new ones, but things are still tight for me.

I do hope it works out well for you, i guess you must follow your heart.

all the best bird x
im glad your boyfriend is supportive as it is finacailly draining when you start your own business and i suggest you both make a basic budget so you both understand how much your personal bills will be!

if working part time isnt an option and you are completely serious i think you should go for it! you could possibly work evening in a local pub or something to give you extra cash (i did it for the fist few months)

it took me a while to get my own clients as the salon i rent two rooms in is an established hair salon i had clients readily available to me!

have you also considered your target market? who will your clients be? and target treatments to suit them, also your advertising? car graphics, local handbooks, papers, and evan local weight watchers meetings and toddler groups?

you will eat sleep and breathe your business with plenty of sleepless nights but it is so worth it in the end.

hope this helps xx
Thankyou both so much for your comments - very much appreciated. I am completely serious - I know it will be hard work, I know some days I'll wonder what I'm doing and money will be tight, but I'm going to go for it. You never know if you don't try, you only live once. I'm applying for jobs to give me some sort of income so keeping fingers crossed that comes off. January not exactly the perfect time to launch but if we waited for everything to be perfect we'd never do anything would we!

Still got a few bits and pieces of planning to sort out, but most things are in place so here goes :o)
oh im so pleased for u!!!!!!!
honestly starting ur own buiness is so scary but its so rewarding to. if u need any advice or help please email me on [email protected]
i will b happy to help u out.
i wish u all the sucess in the world

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