Back pain after surgery


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Jan 1, 2006
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fixed back geek !
After having severe back pain for 20 years last January I gave in and had an epidural for pain relief, this however had no effect at all adn on August the 8th I went in and had adiscectomy on L4 and L5.
Without boring you with too many details, this relieved my leg and bum pain but still left me with back pain which was expected. Now however in the last 2 weeks I have become almost immobile (sp) again with disc pain, legs and buttocks. I know a lot of you out there suffer like this and my question is, have any of you had this surgery and then the pain to return as it refers to another disc?
I went to see my GP on Monday he just told me it was discs again and to carry on with the pain relief and go back nect week if no better to be refered back to the surgeon who did it. I am going back today, I can't stand it any more, this is worde thanbefore.
Please ladies any info greatfully received.
Many thanks x
Hi Gemma,

Sorry to hear you're in pain so soon after the op, I had the exact same op in 2000, after trying the epidural that also had no effect, I had the op done by a Dr. Sterling at Bristol Road Hospital in Birmingham, I have to say I was immobile for 3 months prior to the op but everything was relieved by the op straight away, ok i was sore for a few weeks after but none of the pains like i had prior. I discussed what may happen after the op with the surgeon and he said the pain relief should last about 5 years. Then we may have to look at fusing bones together in the area. I have to say luckily its now into 2008 and its still ok, Although i did pull my back in December, my god! it makes you think every time, oh sh** this is it!!

I would go back to the surgeon if i were you, forget trying all the painkilllers again. He may recommend the fusing next.

I can honestly say I feel for you, Its a horrendous pain, sorry xxxxx
Thanks Wendy, fusion I know was the next option and it terrifies me, Thanks for the info though and I hope you continue to stay well. x
ive suffered with a bad back since i was 14,mine is also the same discs.ive had 3 epidurals 1 targeted epidural 2 steroid injections and 2 faecet injections and idec and now the want me to have either a fusion or a disc replacement which so far i have refused as im still only 23.i was given all the enjections as a favour really cause my brither used to work with my back specialist.this however isnt always a good thing as my brother is really against me having the surgery.i think maybe if i was older i might cinsider it more but to be honest im to scared to have it.for as long as im still quite mobile i will stay away from that.
what exactly did your procedure include?
i know these things do work for some people but i just dont feel ready to have something that major done.
i wish you all the best and i hope you feel better soon:hug:
Thanks ladies, back pain is easing a little now, I have been refereed back to my surgeon and in the meantime been given another painkiller to take as well.
So if you hear any rattling it's moi!!!!

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