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Sep 27, 2007
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Middlewich, cheshire
hi, when does everyone go back to work? today?
yup...i had my first client of the new year this morning at 9.30, was a bit miffed i hadn't started back tomorrow cos the kids go back tomorrow so me and the kids could have had one last day all at home together, so i got up early (haven't done that for about 2 weeks..) my nail tech head on...9.45 and still not here, text her and she rings me to say she thought it was at probs though, 12 is fine.
Been back at my job since 27th! Don't mind though cause being in over Christmas is a doss cause there is no one in the office!

Looking for a new job this year though!
I go back tommorrow, im self employed but had a couple of clients cancel this week -so many bugs about .
I went into work on the 27th for 3 appointments, then I'm off until tomorrow.
Nightmare trying to get childcare sorted out as everyones kids are ill with a bug.
Got 2 in tomorrow and 2 in Friday and then none in Sat so far.

People are all ready getting booked in to redeem their gift vouchers so hoping the next two months are busy.
i started back today too.

1st client had some repairs done whilst i was not available.
you should have seen them:lol:
i'm supposed to start back tomorrow, the holiday went way too quickly

but my daughter has given me her cold so i will see how i feel when i get up
i had xmas day, boxing day and the thurs off, was in fri, sat a and new years eve then has yesterday and today off!! would be nice to have a full week instead of on off on off but hey at least im doing a job i enjoy!!:D
I had xmas day off - yep, worked Boxing day. If someone rings I'll go out. I don't have kids and I didn't go away so I may as well be earning cash than laying on the couch doing nothing.

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