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Jul 14, 2007
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after one week too! not 3 bad huh?
I got the ok from my therapist to start doing enhancements again.. no mani's or pedi's for at least another week.. but as i can strap my left and thankfully work at my own pace I have booked in two of my boys today!
I have 3 guys i do who play guitar.. they get their fingers of their playing hands enhanced for length.. and one gets black tips..
so its 6 fingers for me today!! woohoo!
This place saved me from going insane.. so thanks geeks for being geeky!
That's great news! You must be going stir crazy!!! Don't over do it though. Remember you still need lots of healing. Good luck!:hug:
Thats great, but take it steady though:hug::hug::hug:
Slowly slowly!! Good news though..........xx
Good news but try not to over-do it :hug:
Before you know it Dave may be a client..imagine that! Mega shakes:lol:
well he would get the FULL SERVICE!!! (is there a drooling icon??):green:
wow thats great news hun !!
and err i am sorry but you will have to fight me for dave !! :green: or we could do seperate areas , lol

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