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Aug 2, 2004
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Folkestone, Kent
I got my free DVD today showing me how to use the balance gels and I have to say I'm really impressed. I'm currently saving up for the full kit and I can't wait.
collins said:
I got my free DVD today showing me how to use the balance gels and I have to say I'm really impressed. I'm currently saving up for the full kit and I can't wait.
Hi Ya, glad you enjoyed it, it just brilliant if you cant afford the full kit why not buy the sample kit which is about £16 i think, then when you buy the full kit they knock of the £16 that you have already paid its a brilliant deal and well worth it as you get so much x x
Hi, I bought the trial kit which cost me £19 but I am really impressed with it too! bought mine from a local supplier though so i dont get my kit price refunded, but then again it didnt cost me £7.50 in postage either and i got it straight away. Its really easy to use and i'd never tried gel before.
Hi Sherrie, it cost me £16 on special offer i only paid about £4 in postage the £7.50 is for urgent delivery but i was lucky enough to receive mine the next morning, the kind postman knocked on the door at 6.30 am lol!
Hiya Kelly,

I didnt know they had this offer on the gel. Its really good, how did you find out about it, I cant see this in the catalogue anywhere?

I emailed amber about the course the other day, shes gonna phone me when she gets back from time off. Really excited just have to save my pennies, which is gonna be hard with excel coming up!!
Inside back cover of On the Nail 2004 summer brochure is a try any nail system free offer. You can try Attraction Intro kit £9.99 item code 7960, Simplicite Petite kit £6.50 item code 1190, Spa Intro kit £9.99 item code 7991 & Balance Intro kit £19.95 item code 7970. I guess you mention the offer when you order before end of August & they will credit you the £ on your next order.
Order online , freephone 0500 131 009 fax 0161 925 0617


Thanks for that I must have missed that when I got the brochure. I use the Simplicite range at the moment, what do you rate of the Attraction and the Spa, how do they compare to the simplicite. Does anyone know?
i trained with simplicite recently and was having problems with the odour of the simplicite monomer, spoke to my trainer and she suggested using the spa liquid. Used that with the simplicite monomer and had fantastic results! I honestly cant fault NSI with either their products or delivery time. As a new technician ive had fantastic results. Very proud to call myself and NSI Professional Nail Technician!
I enjoyed the DVD to. I have always been pleased with NSI. I like the products and I can always speak to some one if I have any probs. The extreme white gel is fab I like the new colour gels. :D
Hi Stoney.

So do you use the Spa liquid with the simplitie powders or have you also switched powders to the classic or competition? Also does anyone know, I switched from Star to NSI and still have my Star Nails 6 watt gel lamp. With the balance gel you need a 9 watt does that mean it will just take a little longer to cure and I could save up for a new NSI lamp and change at a later date, or will it not work at all???
I think the general rule is to use the correct lamp. I am sure some gels will be ok with lamps that were not specifically designed for a particular system. I would however be happier to use the correct lamp that way if you have any problems u can be certain it has nothing to to with the lamp. After reading other threads on here it sounds like many gel problems are results of incorrect bulbs being used and the gel not fully curing.

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