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Aug 2, 2010
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hi :)
I currently offer manicures as part of my mobile/ home based business and have had a few enquires about gem decorations. I don't really want to do a full nail art course as I'm only a small business and won't have loads of people asking for it, but would like to offer it as an extra.
Please could I have a little advice from you wonderful more experienced people as to the best way to go about what products to buy. I'm thinking initially just like a few gems in the shape of a flower, that kind of thing. What is the best way to apply to natural nails? I don't do acrylics, just natural.
Any advice very much appreciated. Thank you :hug:
Thank you...that's great :)
Can you recommend a good supplier that's decent quality without costing the earth? :hug:
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gems, stickers, water decals and some acrylic paints will do you for a fab range to offer with out spending a fortune, take a look at the site there is so much to choose from.

adell x
i mail order some pretty nail art accessories too.

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