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Dec 4, 2011
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I want to wear a dress in the salon again, can anyone tell me where to get the best ones. I would have to have one with a longer kind of sleeve to hide tattoos on the tops of my arms.

Also what kind of shoes do you wear with the dress these days.

Thank you 💆💅💋
I know Inline, La Beeby, Cordcourt, Buttercups and Salonwear Direct all do dresses - I think Amy Childs has a range on her website too! I would think you'd need a court shoe to go with a dress ?
Thank you for replying to me xxx
I got a peter pan/tunic type from next! I wear with leggings at the moment as it's cold!! I didn't want a beauty type tunic wanted my own stamp so to speak!
Princess Layla do you have a pic of your tunic please x
Amy childs has lovely dresses on her website for salons x
Here it is- this isn't me by the way ! Image from directory lol!


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Ooh that is nice, also a good idea for leggings too, as it's very cold up here too and probably will be for ages now! Thanks 💋💋💋
Ellisons currently have a really nice black dress in stretch material that does up with an 'crystal/diamond' zip on one side. £49.99

I then found a dress in the ASDA sale (in cherry red or black) that is a sixties style shift with mock pockets on the front. Paid £8 for each of them! Really comfortable, great for work but not TOO therapyish....
That is a nice one Baggybear, thank u, and I would wear leggings too as I have a tattoo on my leg also. Thank u 💋💋💋

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