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Zo Zo

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Apr 16, 2007
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Earley, Berkshire
Hello everyone
Just wanted to make you aware that when you order from Beauty Express online, their terms and conditions different from when you order by phone.
I placed an order on Tues 4th, thought it would be despatched Weds 5th and hoped it would be next day delivery as that's what you get with most suppliers. There was something I needed for Saturday, it didn't arrive, OK these things happen, not the end of the world, but yesterday I chased the order up and they said it had been despatched that day, i.e. Monday 10th! But worse, it has not been sent next day delivery, so it won't arrive for another few days.
I emailed back, I was loathe to do so, but I wanted to say I wasn't overly happy and they said,
'All orders placed via our web site are processed within 72hrs and dispatched within 5-7 working days.'
That's slow!!!! Particularly if when they do eventually despatch they are not sent next day delivery.
It won't stop me from buying from them, I quite like them, but definitely not online again!
Hope this post doesn't come across as a negative, I just wanted to let others know about this, because it is sooo frustrating when you are waiting for something to arrive.
Well done, I'm sure plenty of people wouldnt realise that over the phone and online deliveries differ!.. I didnt.. and will be sure to look if i ever place an online order again!
That is a bit of a poor show! Particularly not sending them out on an overnight delivery.
hi , that happened to me last week ,i ordered online on mon morning thinking i would get it tues or even wed ,but by then i was panicing as i needed supplies for thurs ,anyway phoned them to asked when would i recieve my itiems ,she says online is different so it may take up to 5 days for delivery so fri :(,well i couldnt do anything about it ,and i ended up having to order from another company who offer nexted day delivery . thurs came and guess what the 2 orders came at the same time ,so i ended up paying out double and plus delivery charge on one of the deliverys :mad: AND i thought i was saving just getting all my itiems from one company tae :smack:
Hey I am in the same boat as you, ordered a massive one last weds and yes still waiting...........thought I would take advantage of vat free but I hate waiting and am impatient. I want it now!!!!:irked:
I'm actually quite surprised B.Express have not got their act together on this. It is more usual for companies to incentivise us to order online, as it is less labour-intensive at their end, so why are B.Express penalising us!?

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