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Dec 6, 2007
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I'm looking foe inspiration for different and unusual names i can name my beauty salon rather than the common names of having my own name or just salon which are boring in my opinion.
I want my salon to be aimed at all ages male/female and for it to have a relaxing and heavenly experience about it.
I quite like names from different languages and cultures that have an alternative meaning to it what do you think?
something original and unique
im open to all suggestions thankyou for taking the time to read this
Heres a couple to start the ball rolling

salon de élégance

salon de beaute
heaven on earth

Hello there

How about something like "Serendipity" or something like "Indigo-Blue"
I do like Heaven on Earth However it does allready exist as a salon.
Indigo Blue-is different and unique but does that mean by decor has 2 be indigo and blue 2 match lol
i tend 2 prefer pastle shades in the treatment rooms to provide relaxation throughout
its great everyone thankyou keep the ideas coming in please i can always try & mix and match ideas
I came upon this thread because it had been moved

Sel Et Poivre Beauty =
Salt & Pepper Beauty
(not sure if the spelling is correct)

Tim suggested Ying & Yang

Homme de Femme (along those lines)

how about Innies & Outies:)

or "Versatiles"
yeah im not really sure as to why it was moved as it was business realated still but glad u came across it and people are are still helping out with ideas thanks
Good discussion! I know what you mean, I love places with names that jump out at you & give you a stinging slap on the cheek! You remember it & people talk about you.

The only example I can think of now is a linen shop called Holy Sheet! but you get what I mean.

Shops with names like Heaven & Earth (no offense) wouldn't appeal to me - but they may do to other people.

I'd try, for example, a nail salon called "Let Me Nail You!" (imagine answering the phone - Good Afternoon, Let Me Nail You! This is Jane speaking!" LOL) over another salon as it would seem to me that the owner is daring, creative, ready to try new things & has imagination. I think they are important things

Some people may be conservative & traditional, sure, but the 'target' generation (eg 18 - 40 yo) - in my opinion - is growing out of that.

If I can think of anything for a beauty salon, I'll be back!

PS:- BTW I like your name, nailzoo - it's very tribal! :)
Hi, you mention you like to offer a 'heavenly' experience so have you thought about exploring the angelic or goddess angle, ie Raphael, Aphrodite? Or ancient Egyptian beauties? Cleopatra etc Can't think of any others off the top of my head but there might just be something there! x
Yep defintely lol having a name that stands out is the key like you said HOLY Sheet it will be remembered for that and defintely saids alot lol anymore great ideas ?
Neo . it means gift in africa.
I love the name Heavenly Beauty for a beauticians xxx :biggrin: Eden Elyn x

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