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Jan 12, 2006
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Slough, Berkshire
Hi Geeks,

Hope you can help!!

I have been thinking about expanding into beauty for a while now and have decided to go for it.
I just wondered if anyone has done a Beauty therapy course with Langley College in Berkshire before?? (East Berkshire College).
This is the closest one to me (about 5 minutes away!) But I have heard that their training is not very good (this was in the last couple of years) I am hoping things may have changed. Or it's just exagerated rumour.

I am planning to do the Part-time "Beauty Specialist Diploma - Itec". Is this an equivalent to an NVQ Level 2 but just adjusted into part-time??

There is also Uxbridge/Hayes College but they have split all their courses down individually which ends up costing more.

I have missed the open days so I haven't got much time left to apply, but I don't want to rush off to a college and find out that training is not good!! I went into Langleys advice center and the woman didn't have a clue about the Beauty course and she didn't advise me to make an appointment to see the trainer or anything!! I sort of shuffled out and was thinking I'd ring them tomorrow

Any help & advice from you guys would be appreciated though, thanks!!

I have just completed my Beauty Specialist Diploma but at Halifax College. This was one full day a week and is the equivelent of the full time NVQ Beauty Therapy 2 course. We had to fit everything into one full day as the full time students did in their 2 and a half day week.

There is a LOT to get through and a lot of home study to be able to get all your therory completed. There is also the VR02 and VR74 Health & Saftey modual you will have to pass.

You should enjoy the course if you are ready for a lot of hard work.
Hi, thanks for your reply!

Yes I have called the college and this part-time course is 2 full days a week! I think it's a bit much for part-time and will have to give up 2 salon days now, but I guess it will be a better pace than 1 day.

I'm looking forward to going back to school! I wouldn't be enthusiastic if it was maths or something but I really wana do beauty!

Thanks again, and I may harass for more info!

Mobaen xx
I did a C&G in Manicure at Langley and it was absolutely fab. I have done many courses over the last few years and I'd say it was the best. The dept seems very well run compared to others I have attended. However, at the end of the day it's down to the tutor - she was great! (Btw it was 2004/5.)
I did the ITEC beauty specialist 6 years ago in Huddersfield and have been working ever since as a beautician. I loved the course it was very thorough, very hard work but the tutors were fab. I'd go for it if I were you. The ITEC diploma allows you to work anywhere in the world as it is an international qualification.

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