Best Client told to take off her Enhancements


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Klassy Klaws

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Oct 9, 2005
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Aberdeenshire, Scotland
I am so peeved off my best client text me yesterday to say she wanted me to remove her enhancements at her next appointment:cry:
Turns out she is doing a part time Make Up Course at Collage and they have been told they are not allowed to wear enhancements and their own nails have to be very short:irked:
She is still keeping her 3 weekly appointments and having a manicure then she wants them back on after the course is finished.

Just wondered if anyone else had heard of this and what the reasons are??:green:
I think it's quite standard when you're at college, it definitely was while I was at college. I think the main reason is hygiene, similar to the nursing profession, they want to see you've got short clean nails. But also, if she's doing make-up she may well be required to learn a cleanse, tone and moisturise routine and if you're working on a clients face, it's best to have short nails :)
Yes I've had this before, with someone who was doing a beauty course, I think the nails need to be kept fairly short for facial massage etc and also cleansing routines etc. Another client did a beauty course and needed them removed as they were working on manicure on the natural nails and using each other to work on.

At least she's keeping her manicure appointments :hug:
I think it's silly. Just as I think it's silly to make people working in restaurants remove theirs.

Frankly, when someone is wearing nail enhancements, I'm inclined to think that they are more conscientious and hygienic about caring for their hands/nails/body. NOW that is not always the case, but most often..... it is.

I'd rather have someone with well manicured hands taking care of me/my food than someone who doesn't.

ALSO enhancements are less likely to scratch someone as they are thicker and can be filed to be 'softer' and less sharp unlike natural nails that are very thin in many cases.
They also are less likely to break, therefor less likely to wind up in someone's food...

I remember when I was pregnant with my oldest.. and everyone was after me to remove my nails so as not to scratch my daughter.
STUPID STUPID me, did as they suggested.
Guess what I did to her with my short, paperthin nails?

So back on with my enhancements and I never scratched her again.
When you do a beauty course its all about hygene, hygene, hygene so your nails have to be VERY VERY short.

We had to keep ours at stump level :cry:(not bitten, that was not allowed either, but might as well have been). Hardly any free edge at all :cry:so it was pretty pointless having enhancements even very short ones were too long.

Hope that answers your question. :hug:
I personally wouldn't do facial massage with long nails. And the problem with long and painted nails is that you cannot SEE that they are clean, there could be anything under there!
So true ZoZo. Also some people have allergies to nail enamel, etc.
where i am at I have never heard of taking off nice nails for school. I teach facials every other month and never scratch my students showing them what to do. You learn to adjust and if they are too long cut them down but I will never remove them for good.

im with V i think its dumb, but one of my students does have a nice scar on her forehead from her moms enhancements it can go either way
I believe it is mainly due to the Health and Safety regulations and Governing Body standards in Beauty Colleges in the UK. However, as said when I did training via a private company the trainer wore nail enhancements permanently, and I have to say that I also think that the clients get scratched less with nail enhancements than they do with natural nails.

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