Best cover make-up for scars?


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Oct 6, 2009
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just popping over from nails & not sure if this is the right place but here goes, what is the best coverage for badly scarred skin, regular make-up I've tried doesn't seem to fill in the scarring holes if you know what i mean. can anyone point me towards something i could try & preferably not costing too much...spent far too much & got no where yet lol.x
Yes, the red cross run a nhs program for scar cover make-up.
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you would need to email them about what they use but as far as I'm aware they are the best company out there for this type of work.
If the scar is flat to the skin then you can use products from a company called Impet2us - Suppliers of Temptu Pro Airbrush Make-up, mail order, Temptu body art, Embyolisse, Iwata, Temptu airbrush training, UK Distributor they use a combination of a pallet of skin paints to cover the skin disorder/tattoo/bruising followed by water resistant airbrush make-up
hope this helps.
HI, I am aware that estee lauder offer a maximum coverage camoflage make up. I know that it works well to cover tattoos etc but not sure how well it works on scarring, the do samples at all of their counters but might be worth a try before you buy. HTH xx
thank you ladies, will look into all of this & try some samples. fingers crossed something works :D x

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