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Jan 13, 2010
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I am just starting out in Micro Ring Extensions and would like some advise and guidance on which hair and supplier are the best for micro ring extensions.

I dont want to spend massive amounts on the hair as i am mobile and need to keep the costs down for both myself and my clients.

Thanks xx
I always use Lush Us uk now, have used msny others in the past but the hair is fab, it's not expensive and the service is great too (I'm a real advocate for these guys)

Paige x
And me too. Lush-us every time. Look at their website.

additonal lenghts are good and cheap!
Im also pretty new to the micro links , about a year now and it has been a lot of trial an error and luckily a very willing couple of trial clients.
have tried many diffrent suppliers and frustating results most of the time with hair quality and thickness especially as clients not want the large and wide links. I found the tiny micro links and hair bonds a nightmare to work with , you can hardly pull much of the clients hair through and need so many to give a reasonable thickness. and finally a couple of months ago through recomendations on this wonderful site i discovered Lush us their links are great ( silicone lined) and the 1g hair is lovely .
Excellent customer service and they will send you samples of hair and links. my only issue is the limitation on their colour range.#But go ahead and try for yourself. x
Do you need to train with Lush-us if your already trained, not asking for myself but someone who is training now x
No you don't. they will supply your friend if she calls them or orders online. They are really great.

Thank you Linda I'll pass that on x:):)

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