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Sep 11, 2013
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Evening all!

I'm looking for some advice on the best semi permanent purple hair dye.

Long story short, I used to have gorgeous violet hair, but it was a nightmare to maintain. Roots looked awful within weeks and kept turning really blue.

I'm now a low maintenance mid brown (natural) to blonde ombre, thank goodness for that trend!

However I really miss my lovely purple hair! I can't have it done permanently again as my current job wouldn't be big fans, and constantly re doing my roots is a luxury I have neither the time nor the finances for!

I wondered if any of you wonderful hair professionals can recommend a semi permanent purple, just for occasional use/special occasions etc. My new hairdresser hasn't really done a lot of 'crazy' colours and isn't sure what to recommend. I understand it would wash out v quickly and may end up as a purple ombre over my hair!

Any advice would be great

Thanks guys

R x

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Wella colour touch. I have it on my hair and when it fades goes back to my natural colour!
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Thank you very much! I'll give that a go, maybe crazy colour too though I've heard it fades in odd colours!

R x

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