Best waxing rolls?


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Started doing Brazilians at work and I hhaatte their pellon strips ! I try the perfect pull to remove hair and even different waxes but they tend to rip here and there or leave the wax there pressed ....I bought my own non woven wax roll that works wonders but the width of the pellon is thin and need more of a 3- 3 1/2 width size .

I tried recommending new wax rolls to the owner but said mine was “ too expensive “ ( paid $xx.xx dollars for a 100 yard roll)is that expensive ? But then again I didn’t buy in bulk from the main company to maybe get them cheaper?

Long story short what wax rolls do you recommend that are cost effective , doesn’t rip and is super great :) not a fan of muslin strips... they make a mess falling apart
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Small suggestions ? :(

Hi, Most of us are UK based, so we don't know what is available for wax strips in the US apart from Cirepil ,Lycon, Berodin, (those are the brands that I know of that are available) also Most of us would use hard or non-strip wax for intimate waxing that may be a discussion you could have with your boss. But if shes arguing over Cents for wax strips then the door may be shut.. Sorry I couldn't be of more help...