Bikini wax - bruising


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Jan 19, 2009
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I waxed my bikini line yesterday and OMG what a nightmare. I just didn't have enough hands to pull, stretch, rip off waxing strip. Left myself bruised and with half the hairs still spot welded on.

I am diabetic but don't think that had anything to do with it. I've been waxed hundreds of times and never bruised, only when I do it myself.

Anyway I have a bikini wax to do tomorrow and I'm getting in a right flap worrying that I might bruise client. Any suggestions?
You pulled the strip to much upward when you should have been stripping it laying low to the skin. Hope this helps
yes you could well be right there. Its so much harder when you are doing it to yourself. Thank you for that.
It's very difficult to wax yourself. Why not ask a fellow therapist to do a swap where you wax each other? xx
I tried to do my bikini line for practise and I found I was too scared to pull the wax off quick enough so did it really slowly and it hurt like hell! I then got loads of wax 'stuck' and had to call my husband to come and pull my skin tight so i could get it off - we were laughing but I was in a right state and i've vowed i'll never do that again!

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