Bio gel ... how to add glitter?? Please help


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Angies nailz

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Mar 25, 2012
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If a client would like rockstar nails how would u incorporate the glitter in with it ... Would u mix the glitter in sealer gel or s gel or sprinkle the glitter .... At what stage would u do this ...... Please can u give me yr way of doin rock star in bio thanks xxx
I apply glitter to some clear gel on a piece of foil and mix it to a paste then apply as its less messy xx
So do u do base first then add glitter to clear not s gel r sealer ? and do u put it on like a wetting layer or do u put in on quite think to get full glitter coverage ... And then do u finish with s gel thanks xx
I do...
one coat clear then cure.
get a bead of clear on brush and dip into glitter in small dish
Brush onto nail then cure.
I do a second coat of glitter and cure if no base colour.
Then one coat sealer cure.
optional uv top coat cure.

I find it makes less mess and doesnt waste gel this way. I have a glitter clear pot that i use to stop glitter spreading everywhere!

If you like S gel finish could use instead of sealer and cure for 4mins.
Mixing with S gel makes it a lot harder to remove

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