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Laura h

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Sep 27, 2004
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Hi I am pretty sure that i am going to do the day conversion in bio sculpture but am not sure whether I should just pay for the days course and buy products seperately or buy the kit & course together. I wondered if someone who uses bio for natural nail overlays could let me know the products that would need to be brought to do P&W overlays. I have got a brisa lamp and all of the brisa products and am sure that I wouldnt be able to use any of these bits with bio sculpture. I dont want to get a kit full of stuff i am not going to use and would rather purchase bits seperatley if its cheaper.

Thank you in advance
I doubt whether you'll be able to do your conversion, or assessment for that matter, if you don't purchase their products in either kit form or separately.

It is important to note though that Bio usually offer discounts on courses (which include a full kit) at the beauty shows at which they exhibit and with G-Mex just around the corner, it's well worth considering this option.

It may in fact cost you more to aquire all the bits and bobs you are going to need if you plan to purchase them individually.

You wont be able to get away with using a non bio lamp,its something to do with the wattage of the bulbs,i tried to get out of it so i didnt have to pay extra for a lamp but i spoke to about three different people on the phone on three seperate occasions at Bio and they said i would need a bio lamp,i have spoken to people before who have used different lamps and theyve said theyve had no problems,but obviously it ll be at your own risk.Can i ask whats made you do a conversion to Bio?
As far as a lamp, I have the one Calgel sold me and it works fine with Bio - my Bio rep told me it was fine too. I have read on this forum that the Brisa lamp will cure Bio (but not the opposite).

These are the essentials:
-sanitizer (Scrubfresh can't be substituted as it contains acetone)
-product remover (love the smell, yes smell! of the Bio remover)
-Royal Clear Gel ('Sealer' in UK)
-S Gel
-for pink I like #73 - a touch of pink with shimmer when you use one coat

In Canada they recommend we only use the Royal Clear which replaced the previous clear since it is less likely to yellow. I notice from reading posts, that ppl in the UK seem to use both.

Funny you are thinking of doing this - I want to do the opposite. I am going to take the Brisa course because I am impressed with how the french stays so clean looking. The soak-offs tend to yellow a bit after week one.

I do have to say that clients specifically ask for Bio - it has a great rep. It is nice and flexible and very natural looking.

Good luck!
I do know of people that have bought the kit without the lamp and it has worked fine with other lamps.

I would personally go for the kit (good price from the shows) as you wont really know which of their products you like or dislike if you dont try them.
thank you for your replies. I was told that the brisa lamp does cure bio by one of the trainers so I hope this is right. Having checked out the list of things in the kit there does seem like a lot things that I probably have already. It was useful to know that a lot of brisa stuff is not compatable (didnt think of scrubfresh) Did any of you get sent your kits prior to the course to play with??? I am so impatient!! Want to do the bio course as I am still having troubke with nno and heard that it is very good for this. Also I love trying new things.

Thanks again

I was told that biosculpture cannot be mixed with any other products at all and if we do mix them then we are liable ourselves for whatever happens - i.e. lifting/reactions etc - just thought i should let you know!

You need to have 'clear gel', 'S gel' and 'sealer gel', and if you want to do french you need 'number 1 white', and your choice of pink - i use 'rose' which is a light, very clear, pink.

as for the rest of the products e.g. anti fungal spray, sanitizer, polish remover, files, lamp etc they all come with the kit and to be honest it looks much, much, much more professional if your using all of bio sculpture's products rather than some bio sculpture, some another company and so on!

buying items seperaly will end up much more expensive - 1 4g pot of gel is £17 just by itself!! hope this helps :)
If you buy the starter kit when you book your course they will send you the kit the next day so you can try it all out before your course !!
If you buy the starter kit when you book your course they will send you the kit the next day so you can try it all out before your course !!

... and if you book your course at a beauty show, you can take the kit home with you on the day.

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