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Sep 2, 2015
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HI geeks,

I have little experience with extremely Bitten nails and I have a client in tomorrow who's just asked if I can do her acrylic nails with faded glitter on each one what would anyone suggest would sculpting or tips be my best option iv tried to upload a photo but it won't load up there pretty short a tip would probably be right to the bottom of the nail

Thanks in advance x
I would sculpt, this way you can first extend the nail bed then add the free edge. I'm my experience (26 years) sculpting is the best way to go.
Thanks for your reply how would I go on as some of the nails the top of the nail bed has started to grow over the top of the nail if this makes sense would I just pull it back while I sculpt the nail?
I personally prefer tips for nail biters as your side walls are already made for you with the tip. I would pre taylor the well so that it has a minimal contact zone and would keep them really short till the client gets used to having nails :)

I used tips on this client :)

Ouch try look sore!! Thankyou for your help :) the ladies nails aren't much longer than them :) thanks x
I had a message asking if i could put acrylics on these nails. Tbh i wouldn't no where to start with these but i do alot of nail bitters but i dont think acrylics would last even a week. Would anyone do these if so what would you do tips would not fit so sculpture would be best.


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