blackheads - how do you treat them?


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Sep 8, 2004
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Hi skin geeks

Need some advise, my partner has a cluster of blackheads on his nose, he refuses to use anything other than water!!! How would you deal with them and what products/treatments to use prevent and deal with them.

many thanks

ginger :Love:
dermalogica's medicated clearing gel is fantastic.

Any dermalogica facial would be good, as they do extractions as needed.

Becki xxx
I don't think I have ever come across a single product that has totally cleared them up.

Whenever Ive had Dermalogica facials there has been a big improvement then & they have a product called descaling lotion (not sure if thats the right name?!) and that seems to work well but I believe that is a professional product not retail.

I try to use a mask 1/2 per week and it does help but i never get rid of them completly, they are worse at sides of my nose, makes it look grey :mad:
One of the best products I have used to clear up blackheads is Gatineaus mousse effervescent. It foams up and you massage into the affected areas. It comes in a box of 6 sachets with a brush to apply with. Worth a try.
If its a salon treatment then the dermalogica facial using the descaling fluid and a steamer is really good.Their medicated clearing gel is also good as it enters the pore, and pushes up the trapped sebum, making it easier to extract.
If this a continual prob then a good skincare routine is the best option- maybe a facial first (if you can twist his arm) to get the immediate results and incentive.
I would encourage him to start using a face wash, regular exfo and if at all poss, a clearing mask that will draw out impurities twice a week.
Blackheads are caused by excess oil and dirt clogging enlarged pores and are not the result of a bacterial infection like white heads, so using medicated facewashes for problem skin etc. won't help with black heads. I would recommend having the blackheads ( technically known as comedones) removed either professionally with the use of steam or you could try the strips you stick on then rip off, but the latter I have found to be not that great tbh. Using products suitable for combination skin to control excess oil on the T-zone will also help. Exfoliation is key as somebody else has already said but be careful not to be over enthusiastic or you could over stimulate the sebaceous glands causing the skin to produce even more oil.
Blackheads are one of the most tricky skin conditions to treat, they can be extremely stubborn!
dont the strips actually damage the skin?
dont the strips actually damage the skin?
the strips i used barely removed any black heads so i doubt very much they would damage the skin, it was no different to waxing really, except less sticky!
the strips i used barely removed any black heads so i doubt very much they would damage the skin, it was no different to waxing really, except less sticky!

I use the Biore ones and think they're great :) I've tried almost every other brand but always come back to this one. They are usually on 3 for 2 in Boots too. Their warming cleanser is also designed to combat blackheads, with the added bonus of having gentle exfoliating beads in there too. A very man friendly range, my partner needs no coercing to liberate mine :lol:

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