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May 28, 2013
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Hi, wondering if you can help, client wants to go from bleach blonde toned with wella 12/89 (first pic) to the second picture, after looking at the colour chart she's settled on wella 8/1 as her favourite (of course she would argh)

It's going to go green isn't it?!

Any advice on how best to achieve this as its been so long since I have have had to send light blonde to darker ash it's usually caramels and chocolate
I'm going to chime in here and ask a couple of questions. First of all, why is her hair being toned with a product that is designed to lift? That practice is so, so damaging and unnecessary. Please stop doing that!

Second, what contributing pigment lives at level 8? That's what you will have to replace.

What would you do to achieve a cool level 8 on hair that is, presumably lifted to level 10?
That pic is a 7
It's not a .1 either
Definitely not

More a gold pearl /38
Or a .13 for us mere mortals who don't have 8's ;) framesi have 6's tho their gorge! Just like wella 8's
Fill with a lv.9 GC to replace the gold and copper missing pigments then apply to dry hair the 8.1 don't forget to charge for a correction service since its like doing a double color.But this is what needs to be done for a proper tint back to a lv.8.1 as a 1 time fee for the 8.1 to not pull ash and fade properly.

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