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Mar 12, 2007
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Hi everyone, looking for a bit of advice on which tips you feel are the best for blending??

I have been using CND Velocity tips since i done my nail course, but i am finding these a right pain to blend! They just never loose that ghost line and i find it really annoying as i hate the idea of over filing on someone.

Anyone suggest tips / advice?

Much appreciated!
How long is it since you did your training?

Velocity tips are my favourites as they blend like butter on a hot knife.

Do you reduce the well of the tip before applying? Cut the well so that you're left with a slither to apply on to the nail.

I don't know how long it has been since your course, or how long you have been doing nails , as you have not filled out your profile.

I assume since you are Creative trained that you file/cut to reduce the contact area of the tip.
Do you pre blend at all?
I must admit I prefer to do some of the blending before I have even applied the tip to the nail. As this definitely reduces the risks of overfiling on the nail plate....leaving a nasty 'ring of fire'!!!

How you hold your file can make a big difference too, and you should work in rounded motions bringing the file back towards you, again reducing the risk of filing on the natural nail.
I tend to 'walk the line' with my Outblack 120 grit side abrasive just once, then can turn over to the 240 grit side of it...and again walk the line this time watching it disappear.

It can take time and experience to get your eye to file coordination right...therefore I tend to get inexperienced tech's to place the abrasive on the area needing blended, then move the abrasive. Instead of just swooping in with the abrasive and hoping for the best lol:lol:!!!

Geeg's tutorial on here is great....I shall link it......and you can also add in some pre blending to her great advice. HTH

Here is the link....
read a thread a couple of days ago about some creative tips that don't need blending and are well less but I cant remember what they were called:irked:
They are the performance tips you can get in natural or white.
The Performance tips are fab.....but they do not suit every nail plate! Therefore the fundamental skills of tip blending do need to be persevered with and mastered to make you a well rounded and capable technician.

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