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Dec 4, 2003
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Ok everyone has an embaressing moment here and there,anyone care to confess to some?one of mine has to be when i was just starting,fresh out of the academy!I was applying a set of tips when my gelbond clogged so i stuck a pin down but in the process pressed the end of the tube into the table...The pressure must have taken a while to build up because when i removed the cap the following time i had a little gluey volcano on my hands :rolleyes: and not just my hands,it got EVERYWHERE!Trying to wipe up the mess with lint free pads and tissue,it stuck to me,and i then stuck to my client and my bottles of products....nightmare!....luckily the client was a 'test subject' my friend,i was practising on her before being released on the public!Lucky i did,i learnt a few lessons :lol:

So anyone else have an emberessing moment in the salon to offer?
Well I think this is a fun thread and it doesn't deserve to be sitting here with no replies so here is my embarassing moment, and no one will beat this for putting their foot in it.

I was once at a seminar being given by a very well known American nail person. When the seminar was concluded and we were all talking informally, we got on to the subject of magazine cover shots. Well we only had the USA magazines in those days, and the cover shot on Nails Magazine that month was of a Bride's nails with some subtle nail art. I thought they were awful! They were fan shaped and heavy looking and thick and I voiced the opinion that I was very surprised that they would feature such bad nails on the cover of a major magazine!!!

The well know American nail person said .. "Open it up and see who did them." Have you guessed??? It was SHE who had done them!!! OMG :o
There was absolutely no way I could back peddle on it ... I had said too much.

Believe it or not, we have been collegues for many years and never any hard feelings. I think she agreed with me. and before you ask I am NOT going to reveal who it was ... never.
Funnily enough I had a horror the other day lol
Had my model round doing fabric comp training all very professional............had my model going though all the motions timing my evry half hour ect, and then opppppppppppps dropped the bond bottle, bond all over the towell picked it up quick and tried to carry on but allas smoke coming from the towell :eek: bottle stuck to my hand table in a right mess, but I kept calm cleared it all up unstuck myself lol and carried on and managed a pretty good set :lol:
So guess who is taking more care with the little bottles in her little hands ;)

Take care Dawnie xxxxxxxxxxxx
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