Booth do you deal with problems with the owner?


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There was no agreement...she knew my mom and had told her to tell me to come and see her...she walked me around and showed me my area. Then as soon as my license came in from state board i began working. We werent told anything in school about agreements. Wow im learning alot just from reading online. Its ashame when you can sit down in your own home and get more education than you do in school. But yet they charge sooo much to teach ya. Im still haveing problems with fill-ins. That dang line still shows up uuggghh . I will learn it some day though LOL :rolleyes: By the do you stop from being able to not see where that fillin line is?? :?

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I hope you subletted your space to her as she was using your space and products at no charge.

That would mightily piss me off-o. :arg:

I agree with Gigi on the pre agreement situation... But I would place my bottom Sterling that has not happened. We usually go into these things so gung ho and positive we feel that requesting a written agreement would be a little harsh.

Don’t let it be. You are the professional. Nicely request that in the interest of both parties, you outline the responsibilities of each party and uphold them.

I wish you the best.
Gail, it is really important that you establish the boundries for the environment in which you are going to work BEFORE you sign any agreement.

What you should wear ... who does the laundry ... who pays for the coffee ... etc! An owner should be able to expect that booth renters keep their area clean and tidy and dress in a manner that fits in with the image of the business.

Having said all that, your area is your area and an owner has no right to take your walk-ins or to use your products or to change your space unless you have established that she can before you ever start.

This is the crux of the whole thing. These issues must be talked about in a frank exchange prior to you signing or not signing any sort of agreement. Remember that a contract of any kind works both ways and both parties should be happy beforehand or there is sure to be trouble afterwards. :gun:

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Feb 8, 2003
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Hello all, im thinking of going back to renting a booth until i build up some clientel. I need some opinions here. When i booth rented once before i wasnt very happy at all. When i wouldnt have a client i would change around my area to make it look nicer because it wasnt a room it was more of like an area where you keep storage and it was the walk way to the bathroom. I had some OPI polish for retail. I had the rack sitting on top of the tv because i had no shelfs. And my pedi area was just 2 chairs sitting side by side with a small table in between. When i would be performing a pedi i would always have to scoot over for someone to get by to get in the bathroom , so i moved the 2 chairs to the other side of the wall. The next day when i would come back in the owner would put things back like she had them before i started renting. She would put my retail products on top of this tall storage cabinet that i could barely reach. The clients would have to stand on their tip toes to look at the retail. So i moved things again to find out the next day she would change it around again! I was paying for this small area ..wasnt it my rights to decorate it the way i wanted to :?: :?: Then one day she told my sister which was booth renting also that she needed to talk to me about the clothes i was wearing that i needed to dress more professional. Well i was dressing the same way the owner was. Blue Jeans with a nice shirt or blue jean shorts with a nice shirt in the summer. So what was the problem? It ticked me off because she should of came to me instead of my sister in the 1st place :x One day she told me and my sister that we needed to get out and advertise. So we took a few hours and walked all through town giveing out flyers in every office and store within 3 blocks from the salon. When we came back she would be at the manicure table giveing mani's useing my products! She would say you had walk-ins and you missed them. I would just hang my head down because i took her advice and went out to advertise. She would book herself mani's and pedi's when people would call. Anyone ever have problems with owners like this. If so how did you handle it? I hope i never have to deal with this type of owner again but we only have like 4 salons here so i dont have much to choose from. Thanks for any replys :)
After reading this post i felt i had to tell u my little story of renting a space in a hair salon. I had been a nail tec for about 4 yrs and was doing a beauty therapy L3 course full time. I decided to rent a space off a local hairdresser she advertised it at £30 per wk. I could only work 2 full days per week and explained to her she said it was no probs. Whilst i was at college she started doin nails with my stuff (not qualified, she got someone to show her how to do them :pirate: !!!!) At christmas i told her i would be workin more days she tried to charge me £15 for every xtra day! I had a blazin row :gun: and just walked out minus my £100 deposit. I just wished i had set up a contract, believe me i will never make that mistake again.
Remember I said a 'contract', written or verbal' works both ways.

Another thing I always advise 'would be' booth renters is this. When the owner suggests a weeky rent and you are just starting out - think about it for 24 hourws before saying anything - then go back and suggest that you 'work up to the rent charge' over three months. Say she says 75 per week. Suggest that for the first month you will pay 40 then the next month 50 and the third month 75 - or something similar. Most owners will be happy to do that. This gives you a chance to build your clientel over a 3 month period.

Also suggest that if you or the owner is not happy for any reason the 3 months will mark a 'get to know you' period and if either changes her mind then you call it quits.
Go into it with your eyes wide open!!! Be sure of what you are going to do, and don't take any crap off of anyone!!! Life is too short!!! sorry to be be so blunt!!! I hope I didn't offend you or anyone else. You have to watch out for yourself. No one else will. So, get that chin up and get out there and let them know what YOU want!!! Then stick to it!!!! Best of luck to you!!!! I know you will do well!!!!
I just gotta post my that others will know it ain't all bad! lol

I rent space in a hair salon. When I started the hairdresser/owner insisted that I not pay anything for 3 months..just to make sure there was a call for nails..(lol...little did he know)

After the first three months I told him that I would pay him $25.00 per day that I worked. I only worked there one day a week ( all the clients I had at first) but made sure that the day was packed. So I gave him $100. per month. Then my business started to grow and I had to add an extra day...then another.... Then the owner said that the max he wanted me to pay was $200. no matter how many days I worked. We do live in a small town and I know his rent is not enormous so you gotta take that into consideration... After a year and a half I gave him a raise to $225. lol.

Everything is mine, all the furniture, supplies, towels...everything I use ( except the phone) belongs to me and I have had to purchase. I book my appointments..I keep my appointment book with me at all times. I collect my own money and pay my own taxes. I come and go as I please with a key to the salon. I work as many or as few days as I need to. Nothing of mine is even touched when I am there..not the table, chairs, retail,polish, lotion...well I do let the receptionist use lotion when I am not there I have all the CND lotions in my cart and tell her to help herself..she is a friend and client...but you get the idea...

This salon is 5 minutes from my house, the kids bus drops them off half a block away so they can walk down if needed. I almost feel guilty sometimes...making money in Ocean View (where I live) painting nails. I very much appreciate my situation. I could make alot more money if I drove into a bigger town (hour drive) but it is just not worth it to me. I did it for awhile, hope I do not have to again.. But you never know..situations can change suddenly sometimes... So I just try appreciate every day of what I think is an ideal situation.
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