Braidless weave


I am looking for a bit of advice really. I have qualified in braidless weaves back in January last year and have one fitted myself. The lady that trained me usually fits mine but when I went for maintenance last time, the girl there said she has stopped fitting them now, which i didn't mind too much as the girl was clearly trained in all methods.

However, once fitted and home, i noticed the two bottom rows were sewn together half way round, almost as if she had caught the bottom weft in the second and is now fairly bulky on the right hand side. IT was also extremely tight and after two weeks, is still tight and itchy.

I messaged to mention about it but she said it will be fine and to come back in a few weeks if it is still not right.

Am i right to be worried about the potential damage it could do to my natural hair being sewn together and therefore pulling more? Little bit worried about the matting side of things too...

I would appreciate your advice :)


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