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Jul 29, 2010
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Has anyone done bridal fayre's?

I enquired at a local one and they wanted £120 for a pitch is that reasonable? Do you do demo's? or literally just provide info? Any help and advice greatfullu appreciated x x
Hi I am doing one in Oct, only 50 pounds for table though. Am splitting cost with hairdresser I often work with. We are having a couple models to demonstrate hair and make up looks and will have our brochures etc out. Hope this helps and good luck x
£50 sounds a much better was the £120 price tag that was bothering me.
Hope yours goes well, keep me posted x x
Your local newspapers will do two or three fairs over the year, the more expensive ones will probably include an advert in the paper or their wedding magazine hence the higher price (but more value). It is always good to have plenty of photos of your work to show people and have a couple of models to demo on during the day so people can see you work. The person organising the fair will probably give 'goodie' bags out on the door with their wedding magazine in so ask if you can put your card or brochure in them. hth xx
I used to design and make handmade wedding stationery and always did 2-3 fayres a year.
Generally, the more you spend on a table, the more the venue will be spending on publicity. I never did one where the table was under £150 but one good booking from a bride will easily cover that.
If I were you, be confident about asking people to book there and then. A lot of them are just out for a browse but if they seem keen, offer them a discount for booking there and then. Otherwise you may never hear from them again. Have lots of cards or flyers ready to give out too. You can also get keyrings printed with your logo/number which people are more likely to hang on to.
I've seen a few beauticians with fab printed posters of their previous bridal make up put up on easels at the back. They also have pictures of their work set out in nice albums. I know it maybe cost a bit to get these things initially but if you are doing a few fayres it is worthwhile.

Good luck. I used to love doing the fayres. Chatting to the brides and getting to know what they want is a great way to attract potential new customers.
Ooh sorry, Just remembered something else I saw at a fair which I thot was clever!

One girl was offering a free manicure (or whatever) if you entered a prize draw.
It meant people stopped at her table (giving her a chance to chat to them) and she also had loads of names and emails that she could use for the future to contact about offers etc.
I thot this was very clever as it is really demoralising when you are sitting at your wee table and it seems like EVERYONE is just walking on by without giving you a second glance! We just had to fill our details on a little slip and pop it in a jar. Easy Peasy!

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