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Mar 5, 2009
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Hi all, sorry for the long post.

I would like some advice so I know for the future. I have done bridal parties before but only for normal mani/pedi and offered 10% off. I have done brides and bridesmaids for shellac that come to me as I work from home but not as packages, actually going round someones house. I have been doing nails since june 2009 and shellac since it started and I am very confident and a perfectionist when it comes to nails. I have had an enquiry for 1 x shellac mani/pedi for bride, 1 x shellac mother of the bride and 4 x shellac bridesmaids. We dont know at the moment who wants colour or french and everyone is paying seperate so tried to give a discount making it as simple as possible. Here are my prices so you can get a good idea of what discounts Im offering.

Shellac colour Mani £22/ Pedi £25.
Shellac French Mani £25/Pedi £28.
Rockstars Mani £25/Pedi £28. My rockstars are on special at the moment.

Here is what I offered. Bride can have half price fingers of whatever she chooses, free nail art suggested on 2 ring fingers and a gift, was thinking a bottlle of cava. Some bubbles without the cost of champagne. Everyone else pays normal price.

Can you let me know what you think of my discounts and also what sort of discounts you would normally offer. I have offered 10% before but this is easier if one person is paying and then you can work this out at the end but it is the brides day and she wants to feel special so thought she is better getting the discounts. I will be travelling to the mother of the brides house as well and I normally work from home only so also have setting up/packing away times and travelling expenses as well to think about so I think she has a good deal, but I know I will earn well but it will be hard work. Have also suggested the bride comes and picks the colour she wants for the bridesmaids to make sure I have a new bottle in for that party, will make it easier to get more people done with a nice fresh bottle. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

Thanks Ax
I would personally only offer a discount if everyone was getting done together on the sane day one after the other otherwise you are losing out on money and doing more running around, setting up and packing up etc.

I would maybe give 10% off everyone and give the bride free nail art abd a bottle if bubbles.
i dont understand why you are giving so many discounts etc if they are happy with your prices and wanting to book in with you anyway?? I am not mobile but do it for brides and charge more per treatment to go to their house!!

i think the bottle of cava is a nice touch and maybe the 10% off but think half price for bride is a step too far, you are prob going to be longer with the bride than anyone so why discount so much??

thank you for your replies, I will be going to one house only and all of the people will be there and doing one after the other. I was gonna say 10% off but because everyone is paying seperate it makes it hard to work out if I done 10% off total bill. I worked out the prices and depending on what everyone wants if I offered 10% off it would have been between £16-£20 cheaper for the whole lot so thought if I say half price brides fingers then thats a discount of £12.50 if she has french, she wont want much nail art only on her ring finger maybe a little flower or few crystals so thought I would say do that free. The sister has got to speak to the bride about it and give her prices so she hasnt booked in yet, but I know she will as it came through recommendation. So in the long run although my discounts seem to alot if you work it out it doesnt rreally work out any more than 10%. Obviously a bottle of cava will cost but will keep an eye out in my local supermarket, they normally have it on special for about £5-£6.

I hope shhe calls me as it will be a nice earner for me and I love dong nails and I know they will all be so pleased with their nails.

Thanks again

Working 10% of 1 treatment is no more difficult than 10% of 4 treatments.
yes I know its easy to work out percetage but easier if everyone was paying together and the way I have done it means the bride gets the discount so thought it would be a nice gesture. Im glad no one said to give more than 10% discount as I thought that would work out giving alot away. X
If you're worried about working out individual prices what I'd do is take your whole price list and write another one with the 10% off prices on, it will take you ten minutes to do then you can just show them that one. Easy peasy.

Personally I would just do 10% off for everyone and a bottle of fizz.

It costs a lot to be a bridesmaid these days, brides are happy to pay it's their one and only wedding. If all the other girls feel they are in on it then they are likely to have a better time as a group. I personally wouldn't assume everyone is thrilled about having to pay out £20 odd for their nails doing-it may have been the bride's suggestion or something.

Hate to sound negative but I'd spread the discounts around to ensure a happier group.

And 10% is ample IMO xx

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