brides nails soooooo plzd


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Apr 14, 2004
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St Lawrence Bay, Essex
hi all done my 1st set of acrylic for bride to be today they looked great. i still no i made a couple of mistakes as i only qualified in december but she had enough trust in me for me to do her nails for her wedding i was really scared it also took me three hours to do them the result was so good cant waint to do my next set

Well done you!! i think 3 hours is a fab time for a newbie to take!! Keep it up! well done!
How freaky is this,i also have done my first set of FABRIC on my first bride to be today,and i too am soooooooooooooooooo chuffed with myself,she was so nice and patient and said they were absolutely beautiful and she now felt like a bride,i could have hugged her till she popped!!!! :D it's a nice feeling is'nt it.
yes what a great feeling it makes u feel really good about yourself and the better your nails get the more u want to do
Just thought I would point out what lucky brides these were! Having techs that cared soooo much about providing the best they could poss do. Well done guys for getting the best results.x
Have to say i know exactly what you mean when you have done your first set and they look great.

I was pleased with myself last night as i did my first set of nails with full nail art!! They looked great! My aunt who i done them for normally has hers airbrushed but i did them the old fashioned way, by hand. I actually impressed myself. It was a three colour diagonal design using the striping tape in gold to finish it off. My aunt loved them.:biggrin:
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