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Sep 1, 2009
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glasgow, scotland
Hi everyone...

i started in a salon 6 months ago and i do nails tans lashes. however the person that owns the shop has another room and has employed a new beauty theripist to start and she does everything i do plus massages, waxing etc.

I recently done the diamonte transfers on a few friends bikini lines and they are really lovely but my boss has now bought them in for the new girl to do after waxing.

so I am wondering what else can i do or bring into the salon that is fun exciting NEW and as quick as the body gems kinda things so I can actually do something she doesnt lol..

any tips or funky wee ideas??

Are you self-employed renting from this lady or does she employ you? x
self employed renting rooms and then the new girl is going to be doing a profit share with her x
I was just going to ask that exact same question? :eek:
yeh she can do everything i can do and more and is allowed to do everything i can do .. so im panicing a bit and needing something different.

I was thinking about the glitter lashes.. but im sure she will just copy me anyway and then i was thinking about sticking diamontes along the part of the eye that you would put eyeliner on.. as people like them on the strip lashes and its coming up for christmas parties and stuff??

This is disgusting & really out of order of the lady you rent your room from.
My guess is she has seen how busy you are & wants to get in on the action, hense why she is doing the profit share! :mad:
Did she let you know what she was doing or keep it quiet til it was all confirmed?
Would you both be doing the same days?
Do you know what days off she will have?
Do you pay a weekly rent? Are you allowed to work before & after salon opening times, or 7 days if you wanted?

I would either get out, find another room OR play her at her own game :lol:
Book yourself on a waxing course & Intimate waxing course, & Massage courses! What is stopping you? She clearly has no morals!

Really feel for you hun, just remeber what comes around, goes around!
It seems a funny set up , sort of not fair really your both competing against each other rather than both being equal and working as a team.So if your self employed and she is profit shared how does that work ??
I agree with emma its very sly and very behind your back , did she even ask your permission before she got the other girl in ?, i would seriously think about looking else where to work cos poor you will end up with a hard time in there by the sounds.Good Luck X
Also, who takes your appointments for you?
Who will be taking the new therapists appointments for her?
If you want to stay there, if you dont already I would give all your clients your mobile & start doing your own bookings.
When does the new therapist start?
emma - she said from the start that there was a room there that needed rented out but to more of a therpist so i could just do the beauty which was fine by me but that was about 5months ago so then a few weeks ago it was that she was defo looking for someone to start soon but she was allowed to do everything i was except lashes cause "thats my thing" :irked: then about 2 weeks ago she said this girl was starting that used to work in a place across the road so all her old customers would be coming back but she doesnt have any kit of her own so they would be doing a 60% 40% profit share (the boss gets 60%) so then i wasnt happy as you can imagin.. yes the shop is open tues to sat so we will be doing same days and off same days.. yes i pay weekly rent to her and no i cannot work in the after the shop shuts or days that it is shut unless i pay more rent to her.

kayleigh - she said that she has to do it to get more money in or we will all be out of a job.. it is a hairdressers and im the only person that does the beauty well i was lol .. the shop is massive!! yeh i have said i am not comfortable with it but she said it will be fine :rolleyes: all the girls can answer the fone from the hairdressers and myself so that aint too bad and the boss thinks that it will be all her own clients that will be comin back to her from over a year ago.. she starts on TUESDAY!!!

sorry for the noval i have just written lol .. just need as much help for new things that i can do lol xx
I'm not convinced that she'll stay there long having to pay your boss 60%. Have a think about training in something else as well, stands to reason the more that you are able to offer the more of the clients you'll get. :hug:
Oh hun, what a horrible situation to be in.

Right so you do nails, tans & lashes - How about adding to these with things the new therapist cant/doesnt do?
Nails - Offer Shellac (a true godsend), Gelish &/or Minx
Tans - Offer the new fast developing solution that develops in 3/4 hours
Offer discounts when 3+ book spray tans in the same appointment
Lashes - Offer Swarovski Crystal Lashes, glitter lashes

Have you got a website?
This is my opinion is the best form of advertising, that & word of mouth!

Regarding your first post about the bikini gems, you said you cant do them as the new girl will be!!!!:eek: The salon owner doesnt think the same as the new girl is doing everthing you do plus more!
You do them bikini gems too, advertise them as Bikini & Body crystals as they can be applied anywhere.

How about glitter tattoos? These are suppose to be easy & fun to do.

Do you lock your beauty room at the end of the day when you are not there?

This girl is your competition now - you have to be a cut about her, offer the little extras that clients notice & love!
I give all my clients a keyring with my website & number on, they go down a treat.
Do you have an electric blanket on your beauty couch? - That is so lovely in these colder months & will make your lashes more luxurious!
This link has 3 links on it that I added & are a great read! x

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hi again emma.. thanks for taken the time to help me out :)

i do minx already and they are good but think they will be more popular when xmas comes in :) for their parties and stuff.. i have just takena gel course so im tryin to get the practise in with that too.. my threading course is booked for 15th november also..

what is the new tan called that developes in 3/4 hours??

there is alot of competion where i am so the spraytans are £10 in the shop so i dont no how i can lower them anymore??

yeh i have see the swarovski ones and they look great so i dont no weither to just do them aswell?? and just say well a few of my clients want me to do them cause they are used to me?

i do not lock my room at night as there is no lock for the door.. i have a wee beauty room , a small tan room and a nail bar to myself but now the new girl is coming in i have to share the tan room with her and take my tan stuff home and use the bosses until she halfs the room.. my beauty room is still mine and we have to both use the nail bar together.. and my rent is still stayin the same .. dont know if this is rite or nt??

yeh i was thinkin of getting small black and clear swarovski crystals to put along the line of the eyes where your eyeliner goes.. i put swarovski on the nails also but this is things she can also do.

i just want to be one step ahead of her and be smart and get in there first lol..

with the bikini gems i tld my boss cause of that programm the only way is essex - they do them.. my boss used to have a beautician about 3 years ago that done them but she left and it was never mentioned.. and now she has stole my idea and ordered them in and got the posters to hang up :O

yeh i have a heated blanket .. i was thinkin about gettin nice wee candles as well .. we have to both keep our prices the same fr the things we both do obv but i just dnt no hw this is all gng to work xxx
if i was you i would book myself a few new courses, hd brows, massage, maybe express lashes or something, and put adverts out in local paper offering 10% discount of cirtain treatments with yourself, good luck x
yeh i do express lashes too.. i do acrylic nails, minx nails and toes, semi perm lashes, express lashes, spraytans and i just finished a gel course but still need a few weeks practise before offering it to the clients and i have my threading course booked for 15th november.. im looking to do things like really girlies diamonte glittery things that are new.. things i dont need to spend weeks learning on a course and stuff..

the shop im in is very glitterly and diamontes everywhere so the clients love that kinda thing

air brush make up, (airbase) spray tanning, tempary glitter tattoos (bit tacky maybe) erm
i am shocked, i think what the owner is doing is disgraceful.

you pay rent so i would'nt be sharing nail stations or tan rooms, basically your paying full rent for areas that may not always be accessible to you. You know your nail equipment will be used if the other girl cant find something she needs and you cant be going off home with it every day.

the owner (please dont refer to her as boss, she's not your boss! although it seems she thinks she is) needs to be sat down and terms put in place or leave and take your clients

If this was done on me i'd certainly live up to my name tantrum as well as get called a lot more :lol:

i wish you the best x
If it was me I would be looking for a new place.
believe me i got offered a new job by someone who used to work in the salon and has now opend a new place and then the owner found out and went mental :irked: so i got in to a meeting and basically told her how i felt an that i was scared that maybe my clients would like the new girl better etc and she said that wont happen cos she will have all her own clients.. she is just tryin to make me feel better and obv keep me there for the time being .. i thought she was tryin to push me out but she said she doesnt want me to go. i want to open my own shop but would be daft to do it so soon to christmas so was thinkin maybe march april next yr but we will see.

anyway my nail stuff is suppose to be kept at the nail bar but i will just take it home cos i aint havin that at all!!

also the nail bar has to be used by both of us.. AT THE SAME TIME if need be.. it is soo cramped but apparently it will be ok :rolleyes:

how can you both use the nail bar at the same time?! Tell her it's not going to look very professional. Is there room for another one? If so she should buy another one x

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